Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window cleaning is a speciality that we pride ourselves in. We know that the first impression is the last impression. We have thus tailored our window cleaning services to match this belief.

If yours is an office with windows, then we can assist in ensuring that your windows are well maintained so you can focus on the success of your business. Our services include window cleaning of shop fronts, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, hotels, large offices, blocks of flats, industrial units and much more. We access high level windows of up to 60 feet high using our be-spoke reach and wash system.

Why Pure Water?


Water Fed Pole cleaning means we can clean windows upto 60 ft high with the operators feet planted safely on the ground. The water fed pole system allows you to access previously inaccessible windows from the safety of the ground.

Environmentally Friendly

No chemical or mineral damage left on the windows.

Cleaner Windows

Using Pure Water will guarantee streak-free windows. The more pure water the more aggressive it will act against the grime on your windows. It can better serve as a natural detergent that loosens the bonds of dirt at an ionic level.